CSNW’s leadership team is comprised of executive staff, clinicians, and members of the organization that have key roles in managing staff and the direction of our programs.

John “Bunk” Moren, MS, RN – Sea Mar – CSNW Director

Erica Hunt, Psy.D. – Mental Health High Acuity Manager

Angel Moffett – Reception/Records Manager

Stephanie Kroeker, BA, CDPT – SUD Program Manager

Jeni O’Neil  – Community Support Services Manager

Mike Miller, MA, LMHC – Mental Health Program Manager

Amy Pachelli, MA, CDP – SUD Clinical Supervisor

Kate Stacy, MA, CDP – SUD Operations Lead

Effie Alexander, MA, LMHC – Mental Health Clinical Supervisor

Robin Adler, MA, LMHC – Mental Health Clinical Supervisor

Laura Nichols, MA, LMHC – Diversity and Inclusion Coordinator