CSNW helps individuals define their motivation for recovery in different ways based on individual needs, strengths, and challenges. Individual needs are met through a variety of groups, including:

Co-Ed and Gender Specific Groups

These meet both during the day and in the evening. With the use of several evidence-based curriculums to help make treatment individualized and effective. Treatment focuses on education and skill development with regard to addiction and relapse prevention. Our treatment programs are able to meet requirements for DUI and Deferred Prosecution.

Youth Chemical Dependency Program

Our youth program has been expanded to include services at many area schools. CSNW provides services in Vancouver, Evergreen, and Washougal school districts. We use several different evidence-based curriculum such as : The Matrix Model for youth, Seeking Safety, and Moral Reconation Therapy.

Co-Occurring Disorders Treatment for Youth and Adults

This treatment is to stabilize both chemical dependency and mental health issues that some people experience at the same time. Frequent individual sessions and case management services are offered to provide added structure and support for recovery. The Co-Occurring Disorder (COD) Program provides treatment to clients with symptoms of substance use disorder and mental health, focusing on an individualized recovery model and skill development.

Parent Child Assistance Program (PCAP)

PCAP is an evidence-based program providing home and community-based case management services to pregnant and parenting mothers effected by alcohol and drug use. The goals of the PCAP program are: ◦To help mothers build and maintain healthy independent family lives. ◦To assure that children are in safe and stable homes. ◦To prevent future births of alcohol and drug exposed children.

Pregnant and Parenting Women's Program

This program is designed to provide support and chemical dependency treatment to pregnant women and new mothers. Participants can bring their babies (up to one year of age) to their treatment groups and individual sessions. Mothers learn skills for recovery, and more effective parenting strategies.

Jail Re-Entry Program

Our re-entry program works collaboratively with CSNW to provide assessments and Moral Reconation Therapy Groups in Clark County Jail. Individuals can begin their work towards recovery while incarcerated and transfer to the appropriate program upon release.