Spotlight on SOAR

Recently our very own Suzanne Straub, SOAR Coordinator and PATH team lead, was featured in the national newsletter for SOAR. We couldn’t be more proud to have talented, passionate, and determined individuals like Suzanne on the team!  Here’s what they said:

Suzanne Straub – Vancouver, Washington

Suzanne Straub is a SOAR Coordinator and local lead in Vancouver, Washington.  She is also the lead for the PATH program at Community Services NW (CSNW), a local non-profit mental health agency. In August 2011, Suzanne worked part-time as a PATH case manager.  She attended a 2-day SOAR training, and began completing applications with her homeless clients the Monday following the training.  Within two weeks, Suzanne had completed three applications using the SOAR model — two of these were approved!  In March 2012, Community Services NW was granted additional funds to the PATH program, allowing Suzanne more time to focus on SOAR.  Near the end of 2012, CSNW was granted even more funding to employ Suzanne full time as the SOAR Coordinator.


In January 2013, Suzanne began her role as SOAR Coordinator and hit the ground running.  She worked with local medical facilities and hospitals to ensure that medical records could be obtained free of charge and, in some cases, faster than usual.  She established contacts at SSA and DDS as well as DSHS.  The SOAR TA Center and Pam Heine helped Suzanne host her first Steering Committee meeting, which resulted in a room full of service providers and SSA/DDS representatives creating an action plan that has since come to fruition.  Since that time, Suzanne has named the work of SOAR advocates in the community the Clark County SOAR Initiative.  She now provides in-person consultation to current SOAR advocates and facilitates quarterly Steering Committee Meetings, bi-monthly SOAR Collaboration Meetings (mini trainings), and biannual 1-day in-person trainings that incorporate the TA Center’s online training.  Suzanne is also still completing applications using the SOAR model.  Each month Suzanne sends out a newsletter to update community partners on the latest Clark County SOAR news and highlights the hard work of SOAR advocates and other agencies/staff who have made a difference in the community!